August 30, 2016

I am writing a check Saturday to Make A Wish Maine for $11,150. We smashed my goal of $8,800. This is awesome. We're only $850 away from granting that "full" second wish, if you want to help us get there you still have time. If we don't reach the 12 grand mark (which would be the 3rd time in our history we've done so), I am fine with writing out a check with 2 figures in front of the comma and handing it to Kate Saturday. But if you want to try to get us closer it will be accepted. Thanks so much for an amazing year, it is going to create a lot of smiles for kids

August 23, 2016

On a whim we decided to collect bottles and cans at the tournament this year, the result was 684 returnables. At 5 cents a pop that piles up to $34.20. Awesome. It all adds in to the pot. We are working on our final totals, but it is looking good.

And here's an excellent play caught on video:

How many wiffle balls are already in his left hand? How did he make this play?

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